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Neurosurgery Electric Drill Set Price – Anspach emax-2 high speed Neurosurgery drill – Anspach eMax 2 Plus Price in Pakistan



Anspach Emax 2 Plus High Speed Drill operates at 80,000 RPM and offers variable speed, bi-directional operation, minimal noise levels and an optional hand control. This drill operates with a higher degree of toque than the Anspach Emax 2 High Speed Drill.

Item Description

Anspach EMax 2 Electric Neurosurgery Drill Set.
•Anspach Emax 2 Drill With Cable
•Anspach Emax2 SC 2000 Electric Console
•Anspach Emax 2 Hand Control
•Anspach Emax 2 Electric Foot Pedal
•Anspach XL-HD (20.2cm Heavy Duty Extra Long Attachment)
•Anspach MIA-16 (16cm Minimally Invasive Attachment)
•Anspach Long-HD (8cm Heavy Duty Long Attachment)
•Anspach Long (11cm Long Attachment)
•Anspach Long S (10.5cm Long Attachment)
•Anspach Medium (8cm Long Attachment)
•Anspach Medium HD (8cm Heavy Duty Medium Attachment)
•Anspach Short (5cm Short Attachment)
•Anspach Crani A-R 6.5cm (Adult Rotating Craniotome Attachment)
•Anspach MDA (Angled Micro Dissection Attachment)
•Anspach CSR 60 (Speed Reducer 60)
•Anspach Emax Sterilization Tray With Case
Item includes a 3 month warranty
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