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Refurbished Marco Nidek LM-990A Auto Lensmeter

Automated Lensmeter  is used for measuring single vision lenses, bifocal (trifocal) lenses, Progressive Power Lenses (PPL), and Contact Lenses (CL). 1t.has a measuring unit and a display unit in front, and a printer unit on the right side.

The measuring unit is comprised of a Nosepiece, a Lens Table, a Lens Holder, and a Lens Marker. Below the Nosepiece, there is also a Read Button for recording measured data and a Nose Slider on the Lens Table for measuring Pupil Distance (PD) of spectacles.

The display unit utilizes a full-graphic LCD, displaying measured values of right-eye and left-eye lenses at one time, and graphically sho\ving the alignment condition in the shape of a Target.

This graphic Target is especially useful when measuring PPL, since the Target moves on the illustration of PPL on the display to show the relation between the measuring point and the progressive channel of the lens.

The ADD potver value is also graphically indicated. Icons are conveniently located on the screen, next to the corresponding operational buttons.


Digital Lensmeter 990A Nidek Properties

  • Auto Read & Auto print
  • LCD computer layout
  • Simple progressive alignment
  • Fast readout time
  • Auto slab compensation
  • PD measurement (Model LM-990A)

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