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Stereo Microscope Price in Pakistan | Euromex Stereo Microscope | Levenhuk Stereo Microscope With Camera



Stereo Microscope With LCD Levenhuk 5ST

Levenhuk 5ST Microscope is a modern tool perfect for use both at home and in a professional laboratory. Due to the long working distance (160 mm, 6.3 in) of this lab microscope, you will be able to study everything you wish, including geological samples, jewelry, watches, textiles, agricultural products and more. 10X~40X Binoculars Touch Screen Switch Stereo Microscope with Illumination.

The interpupillary distance of the binocular head may be adjusted within 54-76 mm (2.1-3 in) range for additional comfort during observations. The image is brought into focus by turning the coarse focus wheel on the microscope body. The upper and lower illumination sources provide the necessary illumination for your observations.

For much more effective observations, the stage plate may be rotated so that it faces either the black or the white side upwards, to increase the contrast of the observed specimen.

10X~40X Binoculars Touch Screen Switch Stereo Microscope with Illumination (BM-ST5)

Head binocular, inclined at 60°
Optics material glass
Magnification, x 20-40
Eyepieces WF10x
Objectives 2x, 4x
Working distance, mm 160
Interpupillary distance, mm 54-76
Stage, mm matte glass stage with stage clips, additional double-sided (black and white) stage plate
Focus coarse, 100 mm
Backlight upper and lower LED
Power source 110V power cable
Usage General use product.
May be used by kids
over 3 years old.
Application for applied research

10X~40X Binoculars Touch Screen Switch Stereo Microscope with Illumination (BM-ST5)

10X~40X Binoculars Touch Screen Switch Stereo Microscope with Illumination (BM-ST5)

10X~40X Binoculars Touch Screen Switch Stereo Microscope with Illumination (BM-ST5)

1 PCS/Carton
Size: 35.5x27x49.5cm
G.W.: 6.5KGS
N.W.: 5.5KGS

Caution: Please refer to the specifications table for the correct mains voltage and never attempt to plug a 110V device into 220V outlet and vice versa without using a converter. Remember that mains voltage in the U.S. and Canada is 110V and 220-240V in most European countries.

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