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Refurbished Refrigerated Centrifuge SIGMA 2-16KL

  • Refrigerated version of 2-16P
  • Universal laboratory centrifuge for swing-out and angle rotors
  • Spin control L
  • Illuminated keys for start, stop, lid open
  • For sedimentation up to 4 x 100 ml in swing-out-rotors or up to 20.000 x g in angle rotors
  • Brushless drive practically maintenance-free
  • Speed range up to 15.300 rpm
  • Low speed operation from 100 rpm possible
  • A magnetic rotor identification prevents rotors from overspeeding, active rotor identification
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Imbalance switch
  • No need to open the casing for emergency lid lock release
  • Easy lid opening due to pneumatic spring support
  • Window in the centrifuge lid for external speed control
  • Produced according to national and international safety regulations (e.g. EN 61010-2-020)
  • Possibility of precooling the rotors during standstill
  • Refrigerant CFC-free (R 134 a)
  • Guaranteed +4 °C at max. speed with all rotors

Rotor is not included in scope of delivery. Please order separately!

Technical Specifications

Model SIGMA 2-16KL
Power supply 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption [W] 720
Max. capacity [ml] 4 x 120
Max. speed [rpm] 15300
Min. speed [rpm] 100
Interference suppression EN 61326
Height x Width x Depth [mm] 310 x 550 x 570
Height with open lid [mm] 705
Weight without rotor [kg] 60
Kinetic energy max. [Nm] 9962
Noise level at max. speed (approx.)
– rotor 12148
– rotor 11190
65 dB(A)
63 dB(A)
Max. acceleration [sec]
– rotor 12148
– rotor 11190
Max. deceleration [sec]
– rotor 12148
– rotor 11190
Temperature setting range [°C] -20°C – +40°C
Min. rotor temperature
at 23°C ambient temperature
< 4°C


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