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Plasma thawing bath – Plasma Thawing System

Helmer QuickThaw® DH8 Plasma Thawing System Plasma thawing bath .



QuickThaw® DH8 Plasma Thawing System.
DH8 uses both controlled temperature and agitation to substantially reduce thaw times while ensuring the safety of your plasma.
It is convenient and easy to operate, allowing you to load, program, and walk away. The compact size of the DH8 conserves space on your benchtop while allowing you to thaw up to 8 bags of plasma.
Two thawing baskets with independent controls provides the ability to thaw separate orders at the same time.
The dividers in the DH8 can be removed for thawing oversized units (wider than 6 inches).

Model: QuickThaw DH8 Plasma Thawing System


Application, Rating and Electrical Data
Application Thawing frozen blood products and other medical, biological, and scientific products

Chamber Volume: 8.5 gallons / 32 liters

Thawing Capacity: 8 bags

Chamber Drain Time: 5.5 minutes

Electrical Power: 100V 50/60Hz 115V 50/60Hz 230V 50/60Hz

Maximum Current: 12 FLA / 10 FLA / 5 FLA

Indoor/Outdoor Use : Indoor use only

Application Environment: Non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive, 15°C to 32°C (59°F to 90°F)

Warranty Refurbished : Consult your local representative


Interface LED display
Controller Type Digital microprocessor

Independent Controls Per basket

Set Time / Cycle Time Displayed in minutes

Programmable Cycles 14 time selections

High Temperature Alarm Audible and visual
Heater Status Indicator Visual
Cycle Pause / Resume Yes

Dimensions and Construction:

Chamber Dimensions (w x h x d) in (mm) 15.5 x 11 x 15 / (394 x 280 x 381)

Exterior (w x h x d) in (mm) 18.5 x 16.25 x 22 / (470 x 413 x 559)

Overall Exterior (w x h x d) in (mm) 21.75 x 23 x 22.5 / (552 x 584 x 572)
(includes baskets extended, drain port,
plasma overwrap holder, switches)

Exterior Material Bacteria-resistant powder coated
Chamber Material Stainless steel
Drain System Quick connect
Basket Material Stainless steel
Net Weight 74 lb (34 kg)
Shipping Weight 95 lb (43 kg)
Location Requirements Access to water supply. Adjacent to a sanitary drain or
waste water container.

Clearance Requirements Minimum 8” (203mm) above the thawer for the basket lift-
out system to operate
Options / Accessories DT1 Digital Thermometer, Plasma Overwraps (standard and
large), Chamber Cover, Clean Bath, Extended Warranty


• Rapid Thaw Times
• Microprocessor temperature controller with audible and visual high temperature alarm
• Independent controls and LED digital temperature display for each basket
• Superior Construction
• Overwrap Protection


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