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PHS-3C PH Meter Price | Benchtop Ph Meter price in Pakistan | Multi-parameter Bench PH Temperature Meter



Multi-parameter Bench PH Temperature Meter

Pometer Multi-parameter Bench PH Temperature Meter Automatic Calibration Acidity Tester Digital Water Quality Electrode Analyzer. PHS-3C pH meter is a portable microprocessor-based pH/temperature meter. The handy key board for the selection of the various functions.

The possibility of automatically correcting errors in measurement due to temperature and the extreme simplicity of regulation all serve to permit a rapid and reliable execution of calibration and measurement. The display on the front panel reveals the temperature pH readings taken by the instrument.

The instrument comes supplied with a combined pH electron and a probe for the measurement and compensation of the temperature.


  1. Range: PH: 0.00-14.00PH, Temp: 0-100℃
  2. Resolution : РH: 0.01PH, Temp: 0.1℃
  3. Accuracy PH: ±0.02PH, Temp: ±0.5℃
  4. Display PH: 4-digital LED, Temp: 3-digital LED
  5. Automatic Temperature Compensation:0℃-50℃
  6. Power Supply: In Label
  7. Operating Temperature: 0℃-50℃
  8. Calibration: 2 points with auto buffer recognition


1.Connecting AC power supply. Turn on the meter by”ON-OEF” switch located back of the instrument.
2.Connect the electrode to the iack back of the instrument.
3.Remove the protective cap of electrode. Put the electrode into the measured solution to be tested.


1.Pour small quantity of pH6.86. pH4.00 and oH9.18 solution into clean beakers.
2.For a particularly accurate calibration, itis advised to use two beakers for each buffer solution; the first is to be used forrinsing the electrode, the second is to be used for the calibration. In this way, the risks of contaminating the buffer solution are reduced to a minimum
3.Switch on the instrument.
4.lmmerse the electrode in a pH6.86 buffer solution, and gently shake it until the reading to stabilize
5.Press the button “CAL” until the calibration Indicator is light.Then press “PH7” until the display shows “6.86”. Rinse the electrode with distilled water.
6.lmmerse the electrode in a pH 4.00 buffer solution, and gently shake it until the reading to stabilize
7.Press the button “CAL” until the calibration Indicator is light.Then press “PH4” until the display shows “4,00”. Rinse the electrode with distilled water.
8.lmmerse the electrode in a PH9.18 buffer solution. Waiting for the reading to stabilize until the display reading exact 9.18.
9.The calibration of the instrument’s pH range is now complete


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