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Emperor N5 – Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine – Emperor N5 Power Doppler ultrasound machine- Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine Price in Pakistan – N5 portable Power Doppler

N5 Portable Ultrasound Machines  a innovative instrument used to perform a wide range of diversified checkups. Medical devices for ultrasound diagnostics is applied these days in diverse spheres of medicine. By using this machine, the professional has a possibility to obtain information about the structure, size and positioning of the internal organs.



N5 portable Power Doppler Ultrasound machine. Emperor N5 Power Doppler ultrasound machine best choice in quality and economy.

✅Superb imaging, Excellent features
✅Five year free after sales services
✅Free delivery anywhere in Pakistan.
✅Incomparable in imaging and price
✅12.1 HD Display Ultrasound machine with Convex probe.
✅Optional probes. TVs 155000.00. Linear for MSK 155000.00
✅Battery operated Back up Upto 3 Hours.
✅Dual probe connectors.
✅DICOM 3.0, VGA port,USB 2.0,RS 232 port, S -Video port. Thermal printer port.
✅Reporting printing software A4 size cut down running cost of paper.
✅Auto Doppler measurements
✅12 month warranty with parts and probe.
✅Any PC Laser printer can be attached which cut down your printer cost and paper cost. You can you A4 size normal paper.
“Nothing matter but imaging”
Incomparable in imaging and features.

Features and Benefits 

  • Comprehensive Applications and Superior Adaptability:
    • By following the growing needs of different clinical applications, abundant professional software packages for veterinary used are installed into N5 Vet, providing you the superior adaptability during any diagnosis.
      • Canine – GW, EDCB(GSD, CRL, HD, BD)
      • Feline – GW, EDCB(HD, BD)
      • Equine – GW, EDCB(GSD, ERD, ESD, EED)
      • Swine-GW, EDCB(HL, SL)
      • Bovine-GW, EDCB(CRL, BBD, BTD, BUD)
      • Sheep-GW, EDCB(CRL)
  • Streamline and Integrate Your Workflow
    • User-friendly keyboard and efficient workflow relieve the user from trivial operation. The innovative hand-carried design is approximately 6.5Kg including built-in battery.
    • One-key-push functions make imaging become an easy job: One key optimal imaging, one key snap shoot storage, one key standard template.
    • Various storage possibilities: DICOM 3.0, USB 2.0 compliant, built-in hard-disc.
    • Built-in battery enables you to work anywhere.
  • Compact But High Performance:
    • With the patent and full digital technologies, the N5 Vet delivers high resolution images and diagnostic confidence. N5 Vet is a high-end B/W ultrasound scanner.
    • THI, TSI, Patented speckle reduction technologies increase image resolution and reduce the artifact.
    • High density elements transducers and broad channels imaging processing PC based system, more stable and compatible.

Materials Included

  • 12 ”High resolution LCD Screen
  • Patient Information Management System
  • Built in Hard Disk
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Tissue Specific Imaging
  • HignDensity Probes
  • Needle guided Biopsy
  • 365-frame CINE loop
  • Four USB ports

Warranty Information 

  • 18-Month Warranty on Main Unit
  • 1-Year Warranty on Probes


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