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Refurbished HIRAYAMA – HG-50 Liter Digital Autoclave

Digital High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Autoclave Machine

    • Space-saving design with lid opening upward.
    • Programmable auto-start for initiating a cycle up to 1 week later.
    • Dual-sensing lid interlock prevents lid opening when chamber is pressurized or when temperature exceeds 97°C.
    • Automatic air purging by a microprocessor prevents over-pressurization during a cycle.
    • One-touch lever to easily open and close chamber lid.
    • Programmable rate of steam exhaust.
    • Door-closure sensor provides a prompt and the cycle will not start unless the door is closed properly.
    • In-process display shows status and progress of sterilization cycle.
    • Agar sterilization mode for sterilizing agar and then automatically maintaining it at liquid temperature.
    • Unique accessory: Floating sensor to monitor load temperature.
    • Sterilization timer is activated only when load temperature reaches set temperature.
    • Agar melting mode for rapidly melting agar and maintaining it at liquid temperature, or for a hot and faster start-up
    • Memory backup system retains user-programmed parameters even in case of power failure.




Operating Range
105ºC to 135ºC
Display Range
Warming Range
45ºC to 60ºC
Agar Dissolution
Heating at 60ºC to 100ºC for up to 1 hour (temperature and time programmable), followed by 45ºC to 60ºC 
(programmable for up to 20 hours to prevent coagulation)
Operating Range
3 to 30 psi (0.02 to 0.206MPa)
Maximum Allowable
38 psi (0.26MPa)
1 to 250 minutes
Delayed Auto-start
Program autoclave to start 1 minute to 7 days later
Overall (W x D x H)
20″ x 21″ x 41″
(51 cm x 53 cm x 104 cm)
(Diameter x Height)
50 liters
11.8″ x 28.0″ (30 cm x 71 cm)
Dual-sensing lid interlock, over-pressure power cutoff, over-temperature power cutoff, low-water power cutoff, mechanical pressure relief valve, microprocessor-controlled pressure relief valve, lid-closure detector, over-current detector and circuit breaker
1. For agar
Heating -> Sterilization -> Exhaust (from no exhaust to slow, programmable) -> Warming -> Completion
2. For liquids
Heating -> Sterilization -> Exhaust (from no exhaust to slow, programmable) -> Completion
3. For solids
Heating -> Sterilization -> Exhaust (fast, default) -> Completion
4. For melting agar or for faster start-up
Rapid melting at 60°C to 100°C (temperature and time programmable) -> Maintain at 45°C to 60°C (temperature programmable) -> Completion
Stainless steel
Mesh wire baskets, buckets (pails), and round test tube racks
Factory or field installed
Floating (load) sensor, digital printer, and data logger
120V, 50/60 Hz (220V/240V available)
2000 watts (20000VA)
180 lb (82 kg)

WARRANTY: Autoclaves are protected by a 6-month warranty.



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