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CO2 Gas Regulator – Carbon dioxide regulator price – Carbon Dioxide Decompressor

CO2 Gas Regulator CO2 MAG Flow Meter Welder Welding Regulator Gauge Gas Welder G5/8 150W 220V.



CO2 Regulator Pressure Regulator Carbon Dioxide Pressure Reducer Female Thread G5/8in Air Pressure Regulator CO2 Reducing Valve.



More precise gas metering and made up of stainless steel.

Accurate and Precise Gas Metering:

The output flow is adjustable from 0-25L/min 0-30L/min. It fits all argon, helium, nitrogen, and argon/CO2 mixed gas tanks.

Applicable For Many Kinds of Gases:

Our regulator is compatible with a range of gases, including CO2 as well as argon, and designed to reduce and control pressure levels, this Welding Regulator really is a must-have for any welder.

Perfect For Your Needs:

Perfect for all Welding application. Our Flowmeter is an economic alternative for the demanding customers who wants more precise gas metering.






Stainless steel Aluminum + Copper


Black + Silver

Input pressure:

carbon dioxide is less than or equal to 11.8mpa; carbon dioxide + argon is less than or equal to 14.7mpa Output pressure: 0.35+-0.05mpa (3.5+-0.5+-0.5kgf/cm)

Imported thread:

G5/8-14 Imported thread: Fit for M12*1 M16*1.5 other Gas flow: 0-25L/min 0-30L/min Rated load duration: 100% Operating safety valve pressure: 0.65-0.8mpa




Acrylic Face Shield - 1.5mm Acrylic face shield Price in Pakistan - Face Shield Price

Face shields protect the person and the bystander. Both the patient and the clinical staff can wear these face shields for health and safety precautions. These are great for protection of the facial area and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids.

Face Mask Suppliers in Pakistan - Chinese surgical face mask price in Pakistan - China Disposable Face Mask

China Made Certified TEN Pieces 3 Protective-Layers and Nose Pin 70/Gsm Disposable Surgical-Face Mask.3ply Disposable Medical Surgical Face Masks for Adult and Kids.

First aid box items list - First aid Kit Products list - First aid box Price - First aid Kit Price in Pakistan

Plastic Family Multi-Layer Portable First Aid Medicine Box Mini Box Medical Box. Multipurpose Storage Box For Everyday Use In Home And Kitchen. Use It As A Toolbox, Cosmetic Storage Box, Accessory Storage Box Or Even As A First Aid Box.

Blood Collection Bag Price in Pakistan - JMS Blood Bag Distributor in Pakistan - Disposable PVC Blood Bag

Master Blood Bag available With Set 500ml Packing . Blood bag With BT Set 500ml Medical Disposable PVC Blood Bag  are widely used in the hospitals and blood banks for the safe storage of blood in the world. It adopts high grade medical PVC made in or . They're accessible with integrated donor tubing at regular intervals for easy cross matching, processing and identification.

Dental GC Gold Label Type 2 - Universal Restorative Mini Pack GC Gold Label 2

All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer contains strontium glass. The strontium glass provides good radiopacity and snapset characteristics, unanimously preferred by clinicians around the world.

Electric Toothbrush - BrightWay.PK

  • 3 cleaning programs
  • Digital display
  • Memory for 1 user

Oxygen Cylinder Regulator - Medical oxygen Cylinder regulator Price - Oxygen Cylinder Meter

Medical oxygen regulator is used for oxygen breathing in hospital or home and meant to be connected on high pressure medical gas cylinder to decrease the outlet pressure and supply a stable low pressure for use. The pressure gauge indicates the pressure level of the gas cylinder.

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