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Certeza Suction Machine SM500 – Suction Machine Price in Pakistan – surgical suction pump

Certeza Portable Suction Machine. 18L/min flow rate. 1000ml 1 bottle SM 500.Certeza SM 500 Portable Suction Machine, Certeza Portable Suction Machine (SM 500) at the best price in Pakistan.


Certeza Portable Suction Machine. 18L/min flow rate. 1000ml 1 bottle SM 500.Certeza SM 500 Portable Suction Machine, Certeza Portable Suction Machine (SM 500) at the best price in Pakistan.

Certeza Suction Machine is an eletric unit for use with adults or children. It’s ideal for tracheotomized patients, home-care use in post-operative therapy, and minor surgical applications. The device is used for oral, tracheal, or nasal aspiration of body liquids and features an aspiration regulator. The front panel has a vacuum indictor.

  • Designed to remove thick liquid such as phlegm and blood
  • High flow, high vacuum and low noise operation
  • Step-less pressure adjustment to set any pressure level
  • Oil-free piston pump
  • Concealed storage bottle design
  • Overflow protection designed to prevent mucus and blood leaking into machine
  • Used for suction in professional settings or at home
  • Portable design suitable for emergency use
  • Power: AC 220~230V 50Hz
  • Max negative pressure: >0.075 MPa
  • Pumping flow rate: > 18 L/min
  • Reservoir volume: 1000 mL 1 bottle
  • Working system: 30 min ON. 30min OFF


Pulse Oximeter - Certeza PO 910 Pulse Oximeter - Certeza Pulse Oximeter Price

Measurement of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2)and heart rate (Pulse) For use at home and on the go, For persons with: Heart failure, Chronic bronchitis, Asthma Also for sportsman going at high altitude.

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Plastic Family Multi-Layer Portable First Aid Medicine Box Mini Box Medical Box. Multipurpose Storage Box For Everyday Use In Home And Kitchen. Use It As A Toolbox, Cosmetic Storage Box, Accessory Storage Box Or Even As A First Aid Box.

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Cc Super Glucometer Set With 10 Strips Free. Its a GDH Technology Glucometer And with life time warrant. CC Super Blood Glucose Test Strips (x25)/Pack. Everything you need for measuring your glucose with Europe’s preferred glucose meter. It’s the fastest on the market, showing you results within 4 seconds.

Certeza CR 1002 - Standard Aneroid Sphygmomanometer - Aneroid Sphygmomanometer - Manual BP Apparatus Price

Certeza Aneroid  CR1002, Certeza sphygmomanometers have been proven by test results. Certeza shock-proof is a patented technology. Sphygmomanometers differ not only in precision, comparable to Mercury devices, but also from a nearly unlimited lifetime.  Further proof of its unparalleled quality is the diaphragm pressure-loading capacity of up to 600 mm Hg. Choose from our large product range with screw- or plug-in connections and a large variety of cuffs.

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Pulse oximeter spo2 finger pulse oximeter oxygen saturation monitor blood oxygen meter portable pulse oximeter finger heart rate monitor ox watch spo2 measurement device best  finger pulse oximeter price in Pakistan.

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eSteth CLASSIC Stethoscope is a lightweight durable stethoscope that is built to last and over perform with all patients. eSteth CLASSIC has a 32-inch PVC tubing that allow for easy movement and flexibility when dealing with any patient. The ultra-sensitive, dual-head, chest piece allows for greater sound amplification of high and low frequencies, enabling a clear acoustic performance. eSteth CLASSIC: Your Choice for an Everyday Stethoscope

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