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CC Advanced Glucometer Strips – Clever Chek Advance Strips for TD-4116

CC Advance Glucometer 25 Strips
Clever Chek Advance Strips for TD-4116



CC Advance 25 Strips .


• 1-Year Official Warranty.
• Auto check strip & code.
• Control solution calibration.
• Data transmission.
• 450 with memory with time & date.
• Memory detection.


Model Number – TD-4116
BG Result Range – 20 ~ 600 mg/dL
Hematocrit Range – 20 – 60%
Alternative Site Testing – Yes
Ketone Warning – Yes
Day Average (7, 14, 21, 28, 60, 90) – Yes
Memory Capacity – 450
Power Source – AAA x 1
Data Output – RS232/USB Cable
Dimension – 89.8L / 52.4W / 17.3H (mm)
Weight – 46.6g Without Battery
Display – LCD (39.5 x 33.0 mm)

1 x GlucoMeter
1 x Pricker
1 x Pack of Lancets
1 x AAA Cell
10 x 1362 Coded Test Strips


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