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Premium Quality ACL PCL Knee Arthroscopy Set



Brightway Technologies have all kind of Surgical, Dental, Orthopedic Surgical products which all are manufactured under highly professional workers. We are looking to find buyers for our products worldwide. We have the potential to supply any superior orders for our products within the given time. Our superiority is really good with competitive prices. We are very manner with our clients.

Product Name:
Premium Quality ACL PCL Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Instruments Orthopedic 48 Pcs Set 
Made of durable 100% stainless steel, and the hardness between to . Premium material brings ultimate performance and long lasting age.
Customized Size
Sliver/Gold/Rose gold/Bronze/Dark brown/Custom.
Surface Treatment:
Mirror Silver Polished / Dull Finish…
Non-Magnet Pure Stainless Steel.
·         Autoclave able
·         Sterilize able
·         Corrosion Resistant
·         Wear Resistant
·         Tear Resistant
Surgical Operation…
Class I, Class II, Class III
Quality Control:
100% Tested Before Shipment…
Premium Quality:
These Professional Surgery Instruments are premium quality, made from 100% percent highly Durable Stainless Steel.
Our Services:
We are the Manufacturer and Exporter of wide range of beauty products. Our Instruments includes Surgical Instruments.
Available for Evaluation Before Placing Orders.


ACL PCL Knee Arthroscopy Surgery 48 Pcs Set  Includes

1pc    Drill Guide

1pc    Angled Bullet

1pc    ACL Elbow Aimer

1pc    PCL Tibial Aimer

1pc    PCL Femoral Aimer

1pc    Drill bit passing pin,dia.2.4mm

1pc    Graft passing pin (Beadth pin) Drill-tip

1pc    Graft passing pin (Beadth pin) Diamond tip

1pc    Cannulated Reamer, Dia.6.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Reamer, Dia.7.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Reamer, Dia.8.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Reamer, Dia.9.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Reamer, Dia.10.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Tibial Reamer Dia.6.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Tibial Reamer Dia.7.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Tibial Reamer Dia.8.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Tibial Reamer Dia.9.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Tibial Reamer Dia.10.0mm

1pc    Cannulated Tibial Reamer Dia.11.0mm

1pc    Endoscopic Reamer for cannulated dia.4.7mm

1pc    Depth Gauge for ACL/PCL reconstruction

1pc    Trans portal Femoral Aimer 6mm

1pc    Tunnel Plug, 7-8 mm

1pc    Tunnel Plug, 8-9 mm

1pc    Tunnel Plug, 9-10 mm

1pc    Cannulated screwdriver for Interference screws

1pc    Arthroscopic Probe

1pc    Graft Prep Station

1pc    Graft Sizing Block ( 6-7-8-9-10-11-12 size dia) 1pc

1pc    Tendon Stripper, Closed end,7mm

1pc    Tendon Stripper, Open end,7mm

1pc    Straight Rasp

1pc    Convex Rasp

1pc    Half-round Rasp

1pc    Notch plasty curette

1pc    Femoral PCL Elevator

1pc    Aluminum Graphic case




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